Critical Procedures Ep. 1 - Of Deer and Game & Watch

Our story begins! ARD, Rimple, and ChaoSera strike off into the unknown world of fantasy and mystery, led only by their wits and the unmistakable charm of their GM, LordStonefish! Chadwick loses his closest friend. Hans gets frustrated. Samantha drives a car.

Characters In This Episode:

  • Hans Beckert (ChaoSera) - A harried German combat medic and impromptu handyman whose engineering is, indeed, the best in the world.
  • Chadwick Freeman (A Random Day)An albino South African psychic with a motherfucking JoJo reference?! as an imaginary friend.
  • Lady Samantha (Rimple)A faceless Southern belle with a chameleon familiar who serves as the eyes and ears she doesn’t have.