The Officially Unofficial Usurped SCP Foundation Social Media Art Contest

That's right! In lieu of the results for the ongoing SCP Foundation Social Media Art Contest, I'm going to do one instead. Anyone who submitted a piece to the Wiki contest is automatically entered in this (more) esteemed contest. Starting this week, our venerated staff (djkaktus) will begin to review the submissions and then announce the caption winners and overall top three next week! Probably! Maybe at the end of the week! But seriously this time! 

The awards, as they will be determined by djkaktus, are listed below. Prizes (or prize, who can say) will be announced alongside the Major Caption Awards.

Minor Caption Awards (Announced 11/28/2017):

  • Best Application of Color
  • Best Application of Contrast
  • Best Application of Subject
  • Best Application of Mood
  • Best Application of djkaktus Source Material

Major Caption Awards (Announced 12/1/2017):

  • Achievement in Technical Skill
  • Achievement in Abstract Interpretation

Overall Awards (Announced 12/2/2017):

  • The Official Duke/Duchess of Art Second Runner Up Award
  • The Official Prince/Princess of Art Runner Up Award
  • The Official King/Queen of Art Award

Stay tuned for these announcements, and best of luck to all participants!