Usurped Art Contest Results: Color and Contrast

Welcome back, art fans! After finishing up our results, we've decided to start a little early and release the first two caption (Color, Contrast) results tonight! We'll release the next two minor captions on Tuesday per usual, and then the rest later this week as expected. 

So without further ado, your Usurped Art Contest Caption Winners!

Best Application of Color

First Place: SCP-3007 by Flawed

Best Application of Color: SCP-3007 by Flawed

Best Application of Color: SCP-3007 by Flawed

Second Place: SCP-2883

by Dell8A_Vabeaut

Third place: SCP-860 v2

by Researcher lan

Honorable mention: SCP-3082

by rioludoodle

While there were a number of fantastic depictions of Zhange’s SCP-3007 in this contest, none demonstrated such a masterful use of color as the interpretation by Flawed. This piece, depicting the two artists as contrasting blue and red figures, uses color to show the stark reality of what was, and what is. Where below we can see the goddess in her city of dark blue hues set against a gorgeous sky of reds and purples, above we see the world as it is- grey, empty, twisted and dead, with the black pillar at its center. The atmosphere created by the two scenes, both enhanced as they are by the colors Flawed chose to depict them in, is striking.

Best Application of Contrast

First Place: Red Reality by Bluernoon

Best Application of Contrast: "Red Reality" by Bluernoon

Second place: SCP-3007

by zhange

Third Place: The stars do not wait for you

by Perelka_L

Honorable mention: SCp-1730

by SunnyClockwork

This is perhaps the simplest entry in the contest: a stark, black background with the faintest impression of a man’s face illuminated in red at its center. Bluernoon’s piece speaks to the loneliness and isolation of OZ Ouroboros’ Red Reality, where Dr. Robert Scranton is trapped for years in the darkness between dimensions, alone save for the titular Red. In this piece, the contrast is nearly overwhelming; the red at the piece’s center is almost entirely covered by black, its dim light almost suffocating beneath the darkness around it. While other pieces depicting SCP-3001 tried (and succeeded!) to evoke such a strong contrast between the two, none do so with quite as much grace as Bluernoon’s “Red Reality”