Usurped Art Contest Results: Subject and Mood (and djkaktus articles!)

Best Application of Subject

SCP-3999 by Pendleton_Miller

Best Application of Subject: SCP-3999 by Pendleton_Miller

Second Place: SCP-2406

By BranZen 

Third Place: SCP-323

By Sergeant Stark

Honorable Mention: SCP-1177

By Piperfog

The word “subject” is described as “a person or thing that is being discussed, described, or dealt with.” As an adjective, it can be described as “likely or prone to be affected by (a particular condition or occurrence, typically an unwelcome or unpleasant one).” And as a verb, “cause or force to undergo (a particular experience of form of treatment).”

When discussing subject, or what one is subject to, or how one might subject another, we would be amiss to not discuss LordStonefish’s SCP-3999, “I Am At The Center Of Everything That Happens To Me.” The subject of the piece is Talloran, who then is subjected by a malicious, horrifying entity who subjects him to a millions years of torment. The metanarrative is interwoven not just through the literature, but through its subject, Talloran.

In Pendleton_Miller’s SCP-3999, the true inescapable horror of Talloran’s pitiful situation is revealed; Talloran is nothing but an illustration, bound by the whims of a creator god that not only breathed life into him, but shaped every facet of his being and could undo him at a whim, and does. The pieces captures the spirit of SCP-3999 in a way that few others in the contest were able to, and does so in a spectacularly lighthearted way. The chibi Talloran is even dwarfed in the shadow of the SCP-3999 metanarrator’s “hand”, his posture and expression so perfectly encapsulating the subject of the source material.

Best Application of Mood

SCP-2146 by Amamidori

Best Application of Mood: SCP-2146 by Amamidori

Second Place: Long Live The King

by surumerume

Third Place: SCP-106 Pocket Dimension

by LadyoftheCrescent

Honorable Mention: SCP-610

by ryuu

Before discussion the winning entry, a big shout out to LadyoftheCrescent for creating what may very well be the most unsettling image in the entire contest.

So many entries tackled the subject of mood in the way that comes most familiar with the SCP Foundation. Dark hallways, monsters behind locked doors, the sounds of screams and ruin in the distance, all buried beneath the ground. These are common themes within the Foundationverse, and their inclusion in this contest should be no surprise.

But perhaps the most surprising entry was that of a gentle, frozen whale drifting slowly through space from the perspective of the interior of a research craft. In the background you can see the Earth, far away from the quiet scene above. On the desk inside the vessel sits a simple radio and some crayons, and taped to the window are a child's drawings of Bay-Bo the cosmic whale.

The entire scene is serene. There is no action here, and the fighting is all very far away. In the simple setting of this drifting whale and the quiet research vessel, I can imagine Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1 playing softly from the radio while a tired researcher waits for another transmission. In the often explosive and bombastic world of the Foundationverse, this is perhaps its most reserved moment. And it is beautiful.

Best Application of djkaktus Source Material

First Place: SCP-1730 by SunnyClockwork

Best Application of djkaktus Source Material: SCP-1730 by SunnyClockwork

So almost all of you fuckers decided not to do the noble thing and didn’t contribute anything relevant to djkaktus brand source material specifically. Fortunately SunnyClockwork is picking up the slack for all of you with her incredible rendition of the climactic final scene in “SCP-1730” by djkaktus. As Captain Hollis, Tau-5 and their entourage make their escape, THE DEER, Elijah and the Gate Guardian do battle in the basements of the cursed site. It’s fucking incredible. +100 points to Gryffindor. No overtime tonight. Winner winner chicken dinner. SunnyClockwork is the godhead.