Usurped Art Contest Results: Achievement in Technical Skill and Abstract Expression

Achievement in Technical Skill

Church of the Broken God by Zhange

First Place: Church of the Broken God by Zhange

Second Place: SCP-2146

by Amamidori

Third Place: SCP-682

by NeutronQuasar

Honorable Mention: SCP-333

by Scorpion455

Honorable Mention: SCP-1055

by DaeriusD

What more could I say about this piece that hasn’t already been said by Zhange in this, her love letter to Robert Bumaro and the Church of the Broken God? The Church’s leader and its devoted following are depicted, armed for war, with the rising sun at their back and their massive deity Mekhane standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

The Church in Zhange’s piece is a mechanized marvel, a miracle of machinery armed and ready for their endless war against Yaldabaoth. As per usual, Zhange’s attention to detail is stunning; light glistens and flickers on the metallic armor of the Mekhane’s champions. Banners flutter in the wind in the background, and the burning heart of the Broken God churns passionately in the front.

Personally, the whole scene is a little too anime for my taste and isn’t what I’d describe as djkaktus brand canon for the CotBG. But as a work of art it is impecable, something that draws you in and refuses to let go. A masterwork of technical skill, Zhange’s Church of the Broken God is worth honoring for its achievement.

Achievement in Abstract Interpretation

SCP-035 by Amn3siia

First Place: SCP-035 by Amn3siia

Second Place: SCP-001

by Zhange

Third Place: SCP-1427

by Dell_A_Vabeaut

Honorable Mention: Fifthist Church

by Scantron

Honorable Mention: SCP-1730

by SunnyClockwork

In a quiet, curtained room, a young girl stares into a mask. This is the setting of Amn3siia’s “SCP-035”, where the reader is left to ponder the nature of the piece and what it says about the famous 035.

The scene is lit from above, and in the foreground ornaments hang and glisten from thin threads that snake across the room. Flowers lay on the floor at the girl’s feet, tossed as if onto a stage. The hem of her victorian dress is lined with face, some comedic and some tragic, and hands reach towards her, fingers outstretched.

The whole piece portrays the struggle between identity and annihilation - anyone who wears the mask loses themselves as the mask takes over. There is the direct representation in the girl holding the mask, and the indirect in the scenery around her - the hands, the flowers, the stage. The mask is powerless without her, but by stealing her body can assume her part in the narrative. The mask can take her place on the stage.

Interpretations aside, Amn3siia’s piece has style. The use of shading under the bright light above is beautiful, and contrasts well with the darkness behind the curtains. Hanging ornaments closer to the viewer appear blurred, while those further away fade into the background. The color is scant - only shades of greys and light reds, but their presentation is almost dreamlike. The subject of the piece, the mask itself, is only barely visible, but its effect on the piece is palpable.