The KaktusKast Ep. 17 - TroyL

The KaktusKast returns from a brief hiatus with the non-sequential addition to the series, the TroyLKast! The host is djkaktus, the guest is longtime SCP Foundation Wiki administrator TroyL, and the topic is three hours of bullshit. Buckle up, buttercup.

Also, before you inevitably ask, yes, I lied at the beginning of this episode about interviewing Dmatix.I am a fraud, a broken man. I thought I was doing what was best for all of us, but in the end I only ruined us. I will not ask for your forgiveness, and I do not expect it.

Carry on.

Kaktus Pick-of-the-Week: Nothing. You get nothing. Good day sir.


Intro (0:00 - 1:53)

Part 1 (1:54 - 83:01):

Part 2 (83:29 - 156:48):

Part 3 (157:14 - 208:53):