Social Commentary Podcast Ep. 2 - Between A Stonefish And A Hard Topic

In which this podcast accidentaly turns into the kaktuskast, and LordStonefish and ghostchibi discuss writing "difficult" topics in SCPs (specifically, LordStonefish's SCPs).

  • Guest Host - LordStonefish

NOTE: Abuse, depression, and mental health are discussed in this episode.

Works Discussed:

Social Commentary Podcast Ep. 1 - We Used To Be Bad But Now We're Better

In which Tuomey is the guest, the topic jumps all over the place as the gist of the conversation doesn't, and ghostchibi doesn't actually come up with a better title.

  • Guest Host - Tuomey

NOTE: Rape jokes/implications, Nazis, homophobia, and transphobia are discussed in this episode.