Ben Sisson (djkaktus)

Owner / Executive Producer,

Host, The KaktusKast

Ben is an author, editor, music teacher, and designer from Indianapolis, IN. Since 2014, he has been a writer, contributor, and was once a staff member for the SCP Foundation Wiki, a collaborative internet science fiction writing community. In his time there, he has become the overall highest rated author in site history, and has several articles listed among its highest rated, including SCP-1730, SCP-2935, and SCP-3000.

He currently lives near Atlanta, GA, and enjoys indulging in the numerous dumb things that strike his fancy.


Christopher Morris (Doctor Cimmerian)

Executive Producer,

Host, The Foundation

Chris is an author, video game designer, podcaster, youtuber and fry cook. He's been writing for the SCP Foundation for several years now, and has been a member of the site's staff for two years. A few of his more popular articles include "SCP-RPG", "How I got To Memphis", and "Also, Carthage Must Be Destroyed".

He is currently living in his childhood home in central Alabama and composing puns for his own amusement.

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Blake/Maxson (ghostchibi)

Host, Social Commentary Podcast

Ghostchibi, aka Blake or Maxson, is a fanfiction author, English major college student, and full-time mess. They have been a member of the SCP Foundation wiki since 2012 and have written a few SCPs (all of them cute animals) like SCP-1534. SCP-2744 is their SCPsona, and this sentence is not a joke.

They currently live in Hawaii, lamenting the lack of layer-friendly weather.


Host / Producer, Critical Procedures

Aiden is a dilettante author, roleplayer and programmer from Sydney, Australia who started their time on the SCP Wiki in 2016 and since then has helped establish the Third Law canon and started enough unfinished tale series that people confuse them with the other Australian on the site. Currently, Aiden is writing a full-length web serial off the site and is looking to set up a creative writing initiative at their school.


Host / Producer, Critical Procedures


Host, The Thing Randomini is Making Me Do

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