The 2018 Foundation Awards



2018 Awards Categories

Best Overall

The best page in any category contributed to the wiki.

WINNER: The Shape of a Gun by CadaverCommander

Best SCP

The best SCP contributed to the wiki. Includes -J articles.

WINNER: SCP-4005: The Holy and Heavenly City of Fabled China by Tufto

Best Tale

Best tale contributed to the wiki.

WINNER: ii tab po c h20 qhs prn pain by Veiedhimaedhr

Best GOI Format

Best GOI format page contributed to the wiki.

WINNER: ‘Hypnotraline’ (TR7K2/2UD9X/53GN8) by Veiedhimaedhr

Best Author

Best overall body of work.

WINNER: Captain Kirby

Best Technical Achievement

Best achievement in the formatting of a page on the wiki.

WINNER: SCP-3211: There Is No Canon by Croquembouche

Best Visual Presentation

Best achievement in the visual presentation of a page on the wiki.

WINNER: Anderson Robotics Theme by Croquembouche

Achievement in Horror

Best page in the horror genre.

WINNER: SCP-3515: Unearth by psul

Achievement in Sci-Fi

Best page in the sci-fi genre.

WINNER: SCP-1548: The Star, The Hateful by 9Volt and Varaxous

Achievement in Comedy

Best page in the comedy genre.

WINNER: SCP-4444: Bush v. Gore by djkaktus

Achievement in Fantasy

Best page in the fantasy genre.

WINNER: SCP-4000: Taboo by PeppersGhost

Achievement in Short Form Work

Best short form work.

WINNER: SCP-3220: Panopticon II by A Random Day

Achievement in Long Form Work

Best long form work.

WINNER: SCP-4239: Project Kenowhere Central Volunteer Hub by scarhaver and dolphinslugchugger

Best Single Line

Best excerpt from any page on the wiki. Maximum of three complete sentences.

WINNER: In The Clutches Of life

On that day, the reaper laid down his scythe, turned in his shroud, bid farewell to the masses, and quietly retired.

Best Collaborative Effort

Best collaborative effort, project or page.

WINNER: SCP-001-EX: The Great Hippo's Proposal (feat. PeppersGhost): A Good Boy by The Great Hippo & Peppersghost

People’s Choice Award

Freeform award voted on by the community at large.

WINNER: asmr by dado by LordStonefish

Best Introductory Article

Best first page contributed by an author.

WINNER: SCP-3009: Hi, I'm Your Snappelganger! by keyii

Best Character Moment

Best expression of a character, unique or otherwise, from any page contributed to the wiki.

WINNER: SCP-1233: The Lunatic by CadaverCommander

Greetings, little girl. I am Moon Champion, champion of the Moon, defender of space justice and destroyer of evil. I have come once again to your charming world to learn more of your strange culture, and to seek aid for my people in their ongoing war against the Moon Monsters. You appear to possess a vast wealth of the fabled nutrients and moisture for which this world is known throughout the galaxy. Are you the President of this planet?

MOst Absolutely Bonkers Title

Wildest title in the last year

WINNER: SCP-4249 Nothing Really Mattress Anymore, or: Zen And The Art of Hunting Free-Range Furniture by Rounderhouse


Awarded to an author who, through their own merit, has earned a place in the distinguished halls of SCP legend.


“Hang on, who won the lifetime achievement award? Little Stalin? Who in the world thought it was a good idea to start giving him awards?”

“Wait, he’s an admin too?!?!?”