The SCP Foundation Episode 004 - There Is No Canon

An explosion, a breach, and a girl with a gun: Read Immediate Actions from the Resurrection Canon by Dr. Everett Mann to find out what happens next.

What happens when there's a hole between worlds and no Foundation to keep it from the public? "All Things Considered" from the Unfounded Canon by Photosynthetic explains.

The Earth is gone, and the Russian ghost ships think it's our fault. Read All Along and The Watchtower from Straight on Til Morning by Doctor Cimmerian (that's me) for the first battle of the Foundation Space Forces.

It's the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine. Read Apakht from Competitive Eschatology by TheDeadlyMoose if you're not fine with it.

The SCP Foundation underestimated both Humanity's survival instincts and the tenacity of the monsters that want to kill us. Read The List Of Wonders from the Bellerverse canon by Dr. Everett Mann to see what the SCPverse looks like after the end.

Site-88 has gone dark and the Gulf is aflame. Read the Prologue from the Gulf Canon Hub by Kate McTiriss to see more.

The age of containment is ended. Read Welcome to History from AIAD's canon by SunnyClockwork if you'd like to experience the future.

And if you want to explore the Canon page on your own, check out the Canon Hub page.

Featured in this episode

Audio Selections Include:

  • A Human Being by Andy G Cohen off the 2016 Album "Through the Lense" licensed Creative Commons 4.0 attribution unported.
  • Journey by Borrtex off the 2017 Album "Courage" licensed Creative Commons 4.0 attribution/non-commercial unported.
  • The Introduction (With No Word) by springtide off the 2017 album "Sounds strange, weird, but unmistakably romantic (beta)" licensed creative commons 4.0 attribution/non-commercial/share-alike unported.
  • Ladies, Take me with you by Doctor Turtle off the 2017 album "The Double-Down Two Step" licensed creative commons 4.0 attribution/non-commercial unported.
  • Saltines, by Podington Bear off the 2017 album "Piano 1" licensed creative commons 3.0 attribution/non-commercial unported.